The Voice of Germany - Blind Audition - Victoria Mishchenko "Always"

The idea to take part at The Voice of Germany with the last name as I have seemed to me funny and exciting from the very beginning. Singing «Always» by John Bon Jovi was definitely a challenge for me, I’ve never done classical rock ballads before especially originally performed by a male singer. But it worked out just perfect!

The Voice of Germany - Battles - Victoria
Mishchenko & Vera Tavares "Halo"

When I heard this rock arrangement of Beyonce’s hit for the first time I couldn’t even imagine us singing this version. It was so different from the original, but the power was just overflowing so it turned out to be one the most remarkable battles of the season. It was sad to leave the project so soon, but it was an unforgettable experience, besides I’m more than happy to have Vera Tavares as my friend since then.

Live studio session - "With every breath I take"
from Musical "The City of angels"

During my performing career I have sung a lot of tunes - from jazz to rock, but I have never took part in a musical. As I came to Germany, I started to watch different plays and ended up learning some of my favorites. This one I prepared as an audition song, but eventually I fell in love with this amazing song and recorded a studio live version.

Live studio session with Acoustic Trio "Konfeta", Saint-Petersburg. Acoustic cover "Wake me up" (Avicii)

In 2014 my friends and I founded an acoustic trio to play some covers and originals as well. Just the three of us were making music dynamic enough for a pretty big locations we were performing at. The following two videos were taken at a studio in Saint-Petersburg as live recording session.

Live studio session with Acoustic Trio "Konfeta", Saint-Petersburg. Acoustic cover "Burn" (Ellie Goulding)