Victoria Mishchenko

From Ukraine to Estonia, from Tallinn to Saint-Petersburg, a search for „a place to be“ ended up for Victoria Mishchenko, Ukraine born singer-songwriter, in Berlin, a home for creative minds. Taking part in several music shows, singing in her own band, working as a recording artist - she established herself as a singer in Saint-Petersburg, but being influenced by western pop music since her childhood, she always wanted to continue her music journey in Europe. After moving to Germany 2014 she started singing in the famous theatre named „Friedrichstadt Palast“, Victoria then took part in a national TV Show „The Voice Of Germany“ and finally released her first self-titled EP.

The four-track EP can be described as a collection of honest love stories told over unforgettable melodies, warm sound and effortlessly soft vocals. All four songs except the lyrics to the german one were written by Victoria and performed in a pop style: alongside soulful, funky and acoustic elements.

A french video-making duo Tango&Cash has filmed a music video for the song „If We Could“ (the first track on the album), that was recently released. With a spirit of the 90’s, the video tells the break-up story behind the song.

Besides writing her own music, Victoria is also working as a recording artist. The latest collaboration is „Haunted“, a track, recorded for the french band QLAPs.

There are several projects, that Victoria is working on now. As covers are so trendy nowadays, she launched a YouTube channel and an IG account (both channels are named „musicismyonlydrug“) for cover-videos. Together with the talented Berlin based guitarist Frank Engelmann she is working on an acoustic set of her songs for a live show. Besides, there are new songs in process, this time she tries her composing skills in electronic music.